Friday, September 21, 2012

happy stuff

It was September 9th and my BFF, Bronna, and her family were enjoying her birthday celebration here! In the meantime, I was home all comfy on my corner of the world sofa, listening to an audible book and Knitting; when my IPhone dings with a pic of Bronna AKA "The Birthday Girl"............. 

My thoughts were, "Man, Bronna looks like a Happy Birthday Girl"!  I mean Happy as in for me now and one for me later...Happy Stuff! Then her daughter Connie also sends me this text

 2 massages for mom's birthday. One for you and one for her and then a gift
certificate to Bonefish for dinner after. I knew she wouldn't get the massage
unless you went too so I bought you one too
Isn't that about the coolest thing EVER!  It was then that I understood the HUGE smile on The Birthday Girl's face and Connie, what a darn and creative gift for your Mom (and me).
Well, this week Bronna and I had that dinner at Bone Fish Grill that consisted of Grilled Scallops and Shrimp with all the fixings and lots of yummy bread, good conversation and a little taste of knitting at my house afterwards. 

The massages/facials are in the planning stages and just waiting for the taking!!!

I am extremely blessed to have a Special and Dear Friend that also comes with such a Warm, Thoughtful and Awesome Family.

Till next time, be well and savor those special occasions in your life...'cause those are some of life's Happy Stuff!


Bronna Barber said...

Love the blog post and love you my BFF!!! can't wait for our next time out...!

The Mom said...

Neat-o !!!! Sounds like loads of fun,, and more to come!!!