Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just a Blanket...Just Because

..........for my Sister-In-Law!

I am so in love with this blanket and can hardly wait to give to Sis-In-Law this Saturday! She will be sooo totally sooo completely Surprised! I adore surprises and adore giving to those I love.

Not only is The Hemlock Ring Blanket a fun, quick, and special project, it is ever so economical. Only a tad bit over one skein of Cascade Eco was used for this project. To prepare the blanket for blocking, I rinsed her in Soak and found the softness of the piece amazing...to the point of feeling quite delicate.

Listen.............can't you already hear the hints from Mom expressing her desire for a Hemlock Blanket? Wonder what color would suit her taste?????

This is Hemlock before blocking.................

...and during blocking

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Elke said...

I am to amazed to say anything. It's just stunning. Mr. Tweed's blanket was lovely, but I think yours is gonna be the one to make me want to knit this. All of your work is just so beautiful!!!