Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scarves Galore

After my venture with several large sweater projects that at times seem to ramble eternally, I find a scarf to be a quick form of gratification....Ohhh. me likey Scarves!!!!! These are the first two of three scarves that I have chucked out in the last month are so.

I will be proud to gift Leaf Lace. Gosh this is a hard one to part with, but a known fact the recipient will love her as much as Knitting Diva! Ahhhhhhhh..another "Just Because" gift!!!

This Sock It to Me Scarf is from 101 Designer One Skein Wonder and was knit with On Line Supersocke SOX yarn. I was not thrilled with SITM during the knitting process, but forced myself thru it (don't know why as the yarn was nice and cheerful and the pattern was uncomplicated and fun?????). Man I am happy I finished her 'cause after blocked, this knit turned into a beautiful luscious casual scarf. The softness of this scarf Rocks and is fabulous around the neck of my "Bright Red Leather Jacket".


Elke said...

I am in awe of the leaf lace scarf. Your stitch work is flawless. I hope the recipient will appreciate the skill in this piece. Truly, you are an inspiration, Miss D!

Twisted Knitter said...

Wow - what wonderful handiwork and lovely scarves!

The photos are wonderful also!