Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello.????..what's not to love

This will not be my last Wisp. Wisp is an enjoyable quick knit and such a lovely pattern that I cannot resist knitting up another one using some stashed black, brown and cream Colinette sock yarn. Oh..... and I simply cannot tell you the many ways to wear Wisp. She is nice and long, but not too long and nice and wide, but not too wide. Wisp loves to be doubled, buttoned, unbuttoned, hang free, tossed over the shoulder(s), wrapped around my head or tied in a soft loose bow. I mean HELLO???? what's not to love!
About 5o rows into this knit I was concerned about the pooling and came quite close to ripping, but was undecided and forged ahead. You can see a little of what I'm talking about below. I think it gives my piece personality!!!

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GoldenTracks said...

that turned out really pretty! You could wear it so many ways with so many things!