Sunday, September 6, 2009


The subtle changing and small gradual shift of the seasons is the perfect time to embrace and celebrate a warm delightful friendship.......yep, that's exactly what Laurie (BFF) and I did yesterday with bagels at Panera's, Pandora shopping at Towne Jewelers and an afternoon to just chill out at Reynolda Gardens.

We both are still sporting our Summer '09 Red Toes!!! Oh, that's Laurie on the right and me on the left! The day consisted of more topics than you would wish to hear, you know....much of the usual girl talk and family tales. Of course, there was plenty of book and magazine reviews (knitting - what else) and the ever-ending dreams of those countless future projects! While relaxing. and much serious people and dog watching at Reynolda Gardens, I did manage to complete 5 rows on my Shibui Cabled Wrap.

Here are pics of the beautiful Suibui Wrap that was finished this morning. I thought I would use my Greyhound,"Allie", as a quick model. Allie was a gift to my husband from his oldest and BFF, Alan. Guys do have BFF, you think????

The wrap has been soaked and is now blocking to a usable 74" x 20". The cable stitch is awesome in this fiber and really POPS when blocked. Hopefully, I will have pictures for you next week-end and you can see the real cable definition I'm talking about! Hope you all Enjoy the Labor Day week-end!


Sassy Knitter said...

I had so much fun!!
I love you too BFF!!

Lets do it again soon!

What will she start next????

Hugs and Happy Knits!!

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Love the wrap! I have never been to Reynold Gardens, and now you have my curiosity up about it!

BFFs are an essential to life, and I think I may have more than one!