Sunday, September 25, 2011

Knit & Crochet Show

Bronna turned me on to The Knitters Guild Show that was held just down the road. It was a three day knitter's and crocheter's cup of tea filled with classes, fashion shows, a silent auction, dinners and of course socializing and shopping.

Laurie and I could only attend one day, but worked a lot of mingling and shopping into those few hours.  Here is a look at some of my goodies! 
The teal, aqua and purple is The Windsor Tweed Shawl by Maggiknits. This is a whimsical wool shawl that many of my knitting buds purchased as well. There were several styles with many lovely colors to choose from.  I'm really excited to get this on the needles! The yummy orchid, rose, red and orange is  Windsor Hand-Painted Sock Yarn from Miss Babs and plans to be a "Ruffle My Feathers Shawl".  Next are the four skeins of Organik Arctic Tundra in a natural colorway. This is a merino, baby alpaca and silk blend that will be fabulous for the Topografie's Stone Wall Bonnet and her Horseshoe Lace Cowl. One of the exciting features of this set is the patent leather buttons (oh...they are attached with screws and are removal...ain't that cool) to be used on the bonnet and the KILLER pewter colored spiral bridge closure. AND of course I can never turn down a skein or two of worsted Malabrigo (that's the rich blue/purple)!

Laurie and I met many Triad Knitting friends. The day was exciting and surreal all rolled into one.  In all my excitement I didn't get one pic, nope....didn't even think about it!

So many years I have admired and wanted to meet up with Champagne Maker!  Finally it happened! I have knit several of her unique and lovely knits, The Wrapigan, and Under Tow for starters. She is a talented and out of the box kind of designer that is filled with a real love for life.  CM was excited to tell Lauie and I about the publication of a new book in the works! Included in the book will be her adult "Sock Monkey" simply is the cutest EVER sweater and I have wanted to pattern since the first time I laid eyes oh it!  If there is a pre-order period for this book, I will be one of the first on the list.

Knitting on the Earth and Sky wrap is coming right along.  This has been an enjoyable piece that I think will be just as enjoyable  to wear.
To bad you can't F.E.E.L....but you can look and see how sooooft it is!
This one should be off the needles and on my shoulders this week.
Hugs and Purls!

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