Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scarlet's Sweater and Bonnet

This is a sweet sweater set knit for a Special neighbor's first Great Granddaughter!  Scarlet will be welcomed into this world early December and I hope the new Mommy will be pleased with this adorable set when received at her baby shower in October.
The Feather and Fan Baby Sweater is a design by Kimerbly Conterio and can be found in this fabulous book. I chose to knit the project from my Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino stash and realized once the sweater was complete, I had enough remaining to knit a matching hat.  Thanks to Ravelry I found the Sourball Bonnet (knit in the same Feather and Fan design) that fit the bill perfectly!   

Everything about this project is sweet and girlie...even down to the tiny seed pearl buttons.

Here's a peek at my newest quest...AKA: Earth and Sky by Stephen West. I didn't get on board with this project during the Mystery period, but found the design to be quite interesting and couldn't resist.

The Blue Sky Baby Alpaca is always a dream to knit and this is no exception!  So far I'm really loving the fiber and pattern combination.   


Panhandle Jane said...

That sweater set is absolutely gorgeous--the stitch definition is outstanding, and the color is lovely. I'm sure Mom will appreciate it now, and baby will appreciate it in later years.

Valentina said...

I have just done Earth & Sky. It's a fanny project.
If you want, you can see my version here...
Congratulations for your projects... they are all beautiful!

Clara said...

As always, a wonderful job and I know Scarlet will love it as much as her Mommy will when she sees it. And it was a pleasure to witness you making this project.

Love the colors for Earth and Sky. Makes me want to add that to my LONG list of knits in my "bucket list".

The Whispering Path said...

You are very talented. :)