Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a few of my cast ons

Looks like we have a bit of catching up to do...so let's get right to it!

This Winter knitting scarves/shawls and hat sets seem to be "my thing"! Unfortunately we had another extremely warm winter and I didn't get to wear the pieces as much as I would have liked.  First up is the Multi stripe Kidsilk Haze suite.  If you haven't experienced this wonderful fiber yet, you should do so.  The new Rowan Stripe, my colorway selection of #00202, is beautiful and was a fun knit.  The shawl is a take on the scarf pattern on the ball band. I simply cast on 120 stitches for the width and knit 2.5 balls in stockinette ( I had great plans for the remaining .5 ball). This project was my constant buddy to knit anywhere:anytime!  I found I wear this shawl more as a scarf  'cause it is so fluid and airy and simply lovely wrapped around the neck, so why not??
The accompanying hat is the Jared Flood pattern, RoseBud.  Don't you adore Jared and his patterns? My RoseBud was knit with 1 skein of Malabrigo Sock Yarn, #853-Abril, and about .5 skein of the remaining Stripe Kidsilk Haze.  All I can say about this Slouchy Hat when knit in the Malabrigo/Kidsilk Haze combination is W.O.W!

 The sock yarn was held doubled with one strand of the Kidsilk Haze that resulted in a gradual color change that eliminated any harsh stripes and a hat that is just scrumptious! Don't take my word for it, be your own judge....
 A Sweet & Easy Set Treat!

Next up is the Horseshoe Scarf by Kat Buckspan (a free pattern..don't you just luv that) and the Picot Edge Hat that...I.COULD.JUST.EAT.!

The Horseshoe Scarf was knit on #5 needles with Queensland Collection-Kathmandu-Aran in colorway #164 and Rowan Purelife in colorway, Alder Buckhorn.  The gold and black combination is totally out of the box for me, but a nice change! This is an easy 4 row repeat lace pattern that is great for a scarf and hat set.  What an awesome pattern for gift giving.

Now about that Picot Edge Hat (that I.COULD.JUST.EAT).  This hat could have numerous looks (check out Rav) and seems every one's is most unique.  I knew I wanted my hat a bit fuller than the original pattern.  The brim was cast on with 17 stitches and knit to 18 1/2" long or 84 garter ridges.  For the hat I picked up 84 stitches, knit the first row then increased the following row to 126 stitches.  It was knit working the custer pattern till it measured  7 1/2" from tip of picot.
                                        (this pic is a tad yellow but I liked the close up shot)
The flower is also a free pattern I found on line called "Sweet and Simple Rosette" by Eileen Vito.  The flower is adorned with a vintage earring from my Grandmother's collection.
Gift it or Wear it and listen to the Rants and Raves!
Hugs & Purls!


Bronna Barber said...
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Bronna Barber said...

Some beautiful knits there girl!

Bethsews said...

So glad you are going to keep blogging! Love that first scarf!

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