Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lilith by Louet

Lilith is a Louet pattern knit with Louet Kidlin - Kid Mohair/Linen yarn, I am most pleased with the Smokey Grape color and the Kidlin yarn. The construction of this pattern is unique as it is knit in one straight piece from cuff to cuff. Eight buttons grace each sleeve with I cords knit and tied at the wrists to form a ruffle cuff. This combination makes for a beautiful billowy sleeve!!

Now I realize this pic is nothing that will get you all worked up, so you just have to trust me on this is a beautiful and delicate piece of work. All the personality comes with the finishing touches on this light and airy shrug.

Check out these magnificent buttons for my Lilith sleeves. They are a Fabulous purple color with flakes of glitter in the swirls that really give an added depth to the Smokey Grape Kidlin.
I'm so in love!! This is a Knit-A-Long with Lauire and her Lilitha is all most complete, hopefully mine will be finished next week at this you better slow down a bit and let me catch up with you girlie!

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ladydinc said...

I knew it! Another beautiful of work!!!! I need some personal lessons!!! So how much do your classes start atl