Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finished Knotted Openwork Scarf modeled by ... Grandmother's Doll!

This scarf is full of texture and wonderful when knit with Claudia Hand Painted Fingering weight yarn in such muted tones. I have a pale yellow sweater set that this accessory looks really fetching with.... I love it. No disappointment with this finished piece.

Look at this sweet rosy cheeked, blue eyed face! The condition of my porcelain doll is remarkable...even her two front teeth are still snow white.

Do you adore this antique doll or what? Grandmother gave her to me several years before her passing. Grandmother was born in 1900 and got the doll when she was 12 years old! Everything is original about this doll and I even have the original storage box. Her eyes roll, move and still open and shut perfectly. She continues to cry when tilled. I actually played with her a bit this afternoon and had visions of Grandmother cradling and rocking her on the front porch of the old home place.

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amy said...

oh my god, how funny is this, I have that exact same doll wearing that exact same dress and hat!!!! Isn't the dress a very very pale peach-ish color? Mine is in "good" condition, not as pristine as yours, but still good. Mine also belonged to my grandmother. She was born in 1901. This is too weird. I got an email from my daughter yesterday saying there is a new needlepoint store open in Winston-Salem, so now I have two places to go pour my money when I visit her!
~Amy Rouse