Sunday, October 4, 2009

knitting the blues

....and wondering how I have a shawl and a scarf on the needles in blue tones. No problem 'cause blue is always good in my book.
On September 9th, I started the Swirl Shawl. I purchased the Jojoland-Melody yarn and the Swirl Shawl pattern over a year ago and thought 2009 would be the year of the Hexagon for me. My first experience with Jojoland was THIS project using Jojoand Rhythm and now I find the Jojoland Melody fiber to be just as pleasing, their color combinations and tones are fabulous!
My piece is knit using the Magic Loop method with #5 Lace Addi needles. How interesting reading the many different methods and needles selected by different knitters. I think everyone has to find those perfect needles and the method that works for them and only after completing a couple of Hexagons do your really know what that is. My project was started on regular circular addi needles (which I love), but I quickly realized I would have to invest in some Lace Addi needles. Well, the Lace Needles made all the difference when knitting all those K3togs! Yea..lace needles for the K3togs and a #D crochet hook were the perfect tools for my Swirl Shawl. Now I'm moving right along without incident.

Here is a copy of a worksheet used to keep me on track with this project. I have a sheet for each row (my shawl will be finished in 5 rows), one for row A, B, C, D and E. Each sheet consists of a row count for each Hexagon.
My next blue project is
the One Skein Portrait Scarf. This is a simple, but lovely scarf using Artful Yarns/Portrait. The pattern is actually on the inside of the yarn band. I chose to use 2 skeins of the Portrait yarn to make a longer 80" scarf. This is such a wonderful and simple lace pattern and perfect for TV and movie watching. I love multi-tasking! Actually, I think I will pick up this project and put in the DVD, Race to Witch Mountain by Walt Disney. You just can't go wrong with a Walt Disney movie and a mohair scarf on a Sunday afternoon!

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Joan said...

The yarn and shawl are beautiful! I'm always looking for new shawl ideas. Thanks for the nice posting.