Friday, September 7, 2007

IVY VEST - Elsebeth Lavold

I thought this piece would be "a real piece of cake" to knit up, but once I got into the groove I realized I was going to learn lots about short rows, shoulder shaping, working at the same time, and the importance to visualize the finished product while working thru a pattern. I love the Silky Tweed yarn and the Tanzanite color is remarkable!! The pattern suggested the lace be knitted in the same color as the vest, but I opt for a softer lace edging in a candlelight shade that resulted in a very feminine and I think romantic touch. What do you think???
I simply loooove this vest!


Elke said...

This vest is amazing! I agree that the white lace edging was a great idea. I've seen this pattern before and keeping it all one color just doesn't do it justice!

What was the yardage required for the vest? I've got 5 balls of Silky Wool, and I'm wondering how far it's going to go. I hope I can at least make a vest or shell!

Knitting Diva said...

I made the size medium and used 5 skeins as the pattern suggested. The pattern also called for 5 skeins for the size small so..... your 5 balls should be perfect for the project. I really enjoyed working with the fiber.