Saturday, September 8, 2007

Little Treasures

These are a few shots I made while spending a Saturday afternoon at a local garden. You never need to go far to find a treasure. Look at the treasures I found in only a couple of hours. Of course Jeannie and I had to find a shade tree to get some knitting in!!!
Knitting on my Nina Shawl (this project is half finished....woooohoooo!) and is that Tootie I see????
Jeannie peeks around her candy pink sweater.


Elke said...

I didn't realize you had a knitting blog!

You took some gorgous photots! I especially love the one of those twisty curly flowers (the ones you're holding in your hand). What type of flower is that?

I'm off to go read your archives!

Elke said...

*gorgeous photos*

This is what happens when you don't proof!

Gena said...

I love going to the gardens! Of course, I've never thought to take my knitting there with me. You got some great pictures!