Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008 A Time For Others

This will be my first Knit Gift Project in 2008. As I reviewed my first two years of completed projects (with much shame) I admit to gifting only one piece. That will change in 2008!

So happy with everything about this Leaf Lace Scarf and know I will be proud to gift box it for someone special. This will be the first of many hand knits I intend to gift this year. You may possibly see more small projects from me in 2008.

My 2008 gifting plan goes something like this:
Gift 4 knit items..."Just Because" (they may small, they may be large).
Knit at least one project for charity.
When a gift is purchased a small knit piece will be included.
Prepare a Knit Gifting drawer/shelf.
Label all gifts possible (yes, I do have those pre-printed silk labels with my name in stitch).
Stock ribbons and lots of fun packaging materials.
Allow myself time to prepare for fabulous presentations.

As 2008 progresses, some additions may be made to the gifting plan and I WILL allow myself the liberty to be flexible. Ohhhhhhhh, I am Light Headed with excitement!


lillysmuul said...
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Sassy Knitter said...

OK - MRS. ORGANIZED!!! Can you come to my house and do the same there too??

If you need takers for this gift to put on your shelf - I will be happy to allow my name to be placed on this one!!

Ha -Ha!!

Love you!! I will try to come and play this week...

Sereknitty said...

Just saw your finished belle on the KAL and wanted to come over and say 'hi'. Your blog is lovely and the music so soothing.