Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello Silver Belle

As promised, a photo shoot of Silver Belle.

Another project resulting a tad on the large size, but I still adore it! I especially like the over sized buttons. To get the desired look, I purchased white shell buttons and turned them to the Wrong Side!

My next sweater will be knit a size down, apparently I need to check my gauge thru out the project????? Every garment is still a learning experience for me.

(Sorry for the lack of design detail....DH must have not been in a zoom mood today. I will get a better shot soon for posting)


Sassy Knitter said...

I have been checking 3 times a day to see this done. Another Beauty!!

I LOVE IT!!! I cant wait to feel that pretty fiber!!

Virtuous said...

Great job!!

Gena said...

It looks beautiful! I'm sure you'll wear it often!

Auntie Pudentaine said...

SO pretty!!

lillysmuul said...

You have done great work!
Nice color as well!

Elke said...

Miss D! It's gorgeous! I bet it's been nice and snuggly warm with the chilly weather recently. Mr. Diva took some lovely photos.

As to the sizing issue - what kind of ease are you factoring into the garment? I've learned that knitting something to your actual measurements will result in a garment that is horribly large!