Friday, January 11, 2008

Fess-Up Fiber Friday #3

Is it Friday... Again? Already?

I am sooooo totally beside myself with this latest yarn purchase that I simply MUST use today's Fiber Friday to share my bouquet of colors! Prepare yourself, this is pure happiness............... :o)

Today I received my Peak Brim Flare Crown Star Top Hat kit from Jimmy Bean Wool! This is a design by Kathryn Alexander Designs that will surely put a Gigantic Smile on my and your face. It is probably not an accessory for a wall flower, but if you are one of those that on an occasion wish to Stand Out from the Crowd...then this one is for you too!
This will be my first entrelac project....learning is such an incredible High!

Yarn Details
Brand: 100% Montana Wool
Color: Received 19 Hand Dyed Colors
Skein Weight: Unknown (yarn purchased as a kit)

Project Plans: Peak Brim Flare Crown Star Top Hat

Comments: I will enlarge this hat slightly as I want it to be somewhat floppy!


lillysmuul said...

Fabulous yarns you got there!!!
This project definitely will show your knitting experience and will be much admired!
PS! Love your blog!How did you add music???

lillysmuul said...

Thank you soooooooooooo much for link!!!