Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Diva Holiday Knitting

The Holidays are not only a wonderful time of the year, but also a hectic time of the year with work, baking, cooking, decorating, cleaning, re-cleaning, parties and most important spending time with family and friends. With that said, when does a Knitting Diva have time to knit?? She knits late nights and early mornings.

Knitting is complete on my Silver Belle and the peplum and upper body are ready to be sewn together. This project has been put on hold for a week or so as I want time to give it 100% focus (....I think I feel a day of vacation coming just to commit a full day to finish the project). The construction of SB is unlike any other project I have worked with and I certainly don't want to feel rushed at this late stage of the piece. There will be pics in the next few weeks.

I did start a new lace scarf. It is the Leaf Lace Scarf designed by Twisted Knitter and it is a Free Pattern! I loved the color of the original piece and went to all lengths to find the Malabrigo Yarn Lace in "Lettuce". It was quite apparent that Lettuce was a most popular color selection, but Malabrigo in Lettuce was finally found at Yarn Paradise and was mailed to me promptly (thanks Yarn Paradise Gals-you're the best). Only a few inches have been knit, but thus far I'm finding it a very enjoyable knit while Jazz finds Leaf Lace an enjoyable knit for napping on me.

Relaxation is at it's best when knitting with a loved pet by your side.

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Sassy Knitter said...

Pretty, Pretty , Pretty!!!

I love the scarf!!

You need to do the one I am doing now!!

Hugs and Kisses!!