Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waiting My Turn

That's what my week has consisted of!

There was a dentist appointment, a 3,000 mile oil change, lab work (for my much dreaded annual physical), new shoes (tires) for my carriage and perhaps most important, a trip to the library to perform my duty as an American Citizen and cast my vote in the 2008 elections! Nicholas wanted to go, but was promised a sticker if he would happily stay home.

I spent plenty of time people watching and visiting with perfect strangers during "waiting my turn"! I find it fascinating that folks "waiting their turn" these days seem to have this connection and so much in common with you. Why??? Is it the sad condition of the economy or the unsettled state of our country? If I met these same individuals on the street or in the mall, there would be no verbal exchange and probably not even eye contact, but when put in the "waiting your turn" mode.....we are all comrades, friends, companions!
"Waiting my turn" conversations this week:

1. A young part-time working college girl shared her financial dilemma and parent problems with me. She was clueless as to how she would pay for the tires she was purchasing and how her unfair parents were not "helping her enough"!

2. While "waiting my turn" at the lab, there was a mother of three boys that had just returned from her home in India. I received far too much information as to why her husband wouldn't go with the family for the visit and just how much it would have meant to the boys!

3. Next was my counsel with a single Dad during "waiting my turn" at the dentist office. He was there with his two teenage daughters and while the daughters were in the treatment room, he shared his distress over his German wife that had left him with the two young girls this summer and had returned to Germany. He was truly was a broken man!

4. Then, during my oil change at the tire store, was the sweet elderly gentleman that was watching the TV re-run, Nanny 911. He had no personal issues (Thank God) to share, only instructions on how he reared his children and what is wrong with those "TV monster kids" and how they could be ""straighten out""!! I must admit I fully and completely enjoyed him and this part of "waiting my turn".

I felt like a total people magnet this week and that is highly unusual as strangers are not usually drawn to me. But this week, being a people magnet was effortless! During these epics I was starting to feel a little like Dr. Phil and found my concentration level very keen 'cause I was multi tasking by listening (I did very little talking) and knitting on my Kimono.

Most interesting.....not one person, I repeat, Not One Person, ask me what I was knitting while they were pouring out their hearts and souls to me and I was "waiting my turn"!

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