Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 Knit Ramblings

Guess I really didn't realize just how "knit" busy I had been in 2008.......until seeing this mosaic.

1. Undertow. My Favorite all time knit!
2. Tootie Two. Christmas Gift for my sister-in-law.
3. Monkey Cowl. An excellent use of sock yarn.
4. Wisp. The most versatile scarf ever.
5. Domino Scarf. Christmas Gift for Mom.
6. Elegant Kimono. Yummy.
7. Shadow Scarf. Let's just say, I'm proud to have even finished this one. UGH!
8. Heart Scarf. An enjoyable scarf to knit and wear.
9. Sasha. Love, Love, Love. Most time intense knit yet.
10. Great American Square. Designer, Sephanie Gildersleeve.
11. Great American Square. Designer, Ginette Belanger.
12. Great American Square. Designer, Carol Adams.
13. Great American Square. Designer, Susan Douglas.
14. Sampler Scarf. Lovely piece to knit and enjoy forever.
15. Sophia. So classic, a knit I am proud to wear.
16. Nina. Completion delivered a pleasant and beautiful knit.
17. Carousel Dish Cloth. Just because gift for Ronda.
18. Fake Fair Isle Hat. Totally enjoyable process.
19. Noro Sweater. A sweater to wear for all seasons.
20. Petal Cape. An underrated cape. Adore mine.
21. Sienna Hat. Birthday gift for Laurie.
22. Carpet Bag. A very unique, beautiful bag. One may not be enough.
23. Hemlock Gloves. Love these gloves. Would be great for 2009 Christmas gifting!
24. Heavenly Scarf. Soft and elegant piece.
25. Sock It To Me Scarf. A wonderful fun scarf to wear.
26. Leaf Lace Scarf. Just because gift for Jeannie.
27. Hemlock. Just because gift for sister-in-law.
28. Silver Belle. A project for those loving cables (like me). Perhaps my most difficult knit.

Enough about 2008 and time to look ahead at 2009 knit beginnings. With 9 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in hand, this Modern Quilt Wrap will be the first of many projects planned for the new year.


Virtuous said...

You finally got it up!!

I kept seeing updates for your 2008 review, but could never get to the actual post.

Your Noro cardi is still my fav! :o)

Karen said...

Wow - lots of great usual! Can't wait to see what you do this year - hope to see you at knit night soon!