Monday, December 15, 2008

birthday, monkey, cowl, jitterbug and all that stuff

How could I not blog about my birthday! THE day was last week and look at the birthday JitterBug yarn Laurie gave me....isn't it beautiful??? (My birthday package consisted of many knitting accessories, goodies and chocolates!)

And what could be more fun than a cowl knit with JitterBug!
This was my first cowl and was knit
patterned after Cookie A's Monkey Sock pattern. You can find the cowl pattern on Knottybits blog site.
I think the colors are delicious and the yarn is major soft around the neck and most wearable.

Now....back to my Birthday News!
Laurie and I were meeting for a birthday dinner at a local Mexican restaurant when upon my arrival I was totally shocked (surprised) to see many of my knitting friends there for a "Surprise Birthday Dinner"!! It was awesome and such a sweet thing for Laurie to do for me! After drinks, dinner, drinks, much laughter, and drinks, the party was moved to a LYS for more fun and a little knitting. The fun girls were Laurie, Pam, Pat, Dianne, Jo, Tiff, Karen & Karen, Ann Marie, Shanna, Melinda, Julie and of course me! I love you girls!
A Very Special Thanks to Laurie for making my day such a memorable one!

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Sassy Knitter said...

I love you!!

I am glad you had a wonderful time! Margaritas always make you feel better!!

The cowl turned out so beautiful!! I knew the colors would be stunning on you!!

See you soon! Kiss Kiss!!