Tuesday, April 14, 2009

autumn block by block

Entrelac can make anyone feel like a super knitter - big project made up of little sections that give you a real sense of accomplishment with each completed block. You could say I'm finishing Autumn block by block. As I affectionately near the end of the entrelac progress on Autumn, I'm looking forward to the next exciting part of this project - The Cobweb Frill edging! This fringe is knit separately and then attached to the shawl. Many knitters have shared their negative results with this step, so I plan to divide and mark the stitches on the shawl and mark sections of the frill to ease stitch counts when connecting the two pieces. Did I mention I finally purchased a "Real Blocking Board"? The new board will replace my old Grandmother's quilt that I used in the past - how nice to actually have measured blocks to ensure perfect squares and angles!!

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GoldenTracks said...

You've become an "Entralac Knitting Fool!" :~)Your projects are beautiful.
I truly MUST try it.